up to 57% of profit
per month without any cryptocurrency
trading experience with the world's first automated
cryptocurrencies trading system
- Bitgainex

Start earning with Bitgainex right now *Profit forecast on the statistical data basis.
The actual result may differ from the declared and depends on the
actual situation on the cryptocurrency market.

rate forecasts

Innovative technology for DisANN neural networks training

Much more effective
than trading robots

Instant adaptation to changing trends


crypto trading and protection against funds loss


Profit, trades history - all this you have in real time

Let Bitgainex earn money for you
while you resting

Machines have replaced people in many life spheres. This is the case with the cryptocurrencies trading.

BITGAINEX MISSION is to provide an accessible, transparent and secure tool for automated trading in high-volatile cryptocurrency markets, to improve each participant's the welfare without the need for deep immersion in the cryptocurrencies, blockchain and neural networks fields.

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  • Intended for traders and investors
  • You do not always manage to conduct trades with the profit – whether you had losses? Bitgainex helps to get up to 57% of profit per month due to precise forecasting of the cryptocurrency exchange rate movement and timely adjustment for changing trends.
  • The system is based on a distributed computing platform for DisANN neural networks training (distributed artificial neural network), which provides the highest percentage of the right decisions making.
  • Passive income source
  • You can save money for college, pay off a mortgage, pay off current bills, etc.
  • Do not have to become attached to a workplace or spend time learning how to trade.
  • Even when traveling, it's easy to track the successful trades statistics from a smartphone.
  • To improve living standards
  • The analysis showed that active Bitgainex users achieve high financial results, improve their own life, buy real estate, cars, travel more, reinvest funds.

What are the ways to earn with Bitgainex

You have several options


Create trading tasks and earn up to 57% of profit per month

Sign up and create a trading task - i.e. your funds using task in cryptocurrencies trading and get up to 1.9% of the profit every day. Profit depending on the trades results, bonus size for trading task adjustment and for helping to train the neural network by BitNode installation.

Profit withdrawal and reinvestmentWithdraw funds which were used in the completed trading task, upon its completion or a new one creation. Reinvest daily earned profit in order to increase your income or withdraw it by one of the available ways.

Create a trading task

Calculate your profit

Select the task validity period

Specify the task budget

no bonus
[[ current_mins[0] ]] +
+0.1% per day
[[ current_mins[1] ]] +
+0.2% per day
[[ current_mins[2] ]] +
+0.3% per day
[[ current_mins[3] ]] +

Select the task currency

Bitnode installed (+0.2%)


up to [[ income_percentage ]]%per month of the task budget (including a daily bonus of [[ bonus ]]%)

Projected profit

[[ income_day ]] [[ currency ]]per day

[[ income_period ]] [[ currency ]]for the whole task period

Create a trading task

Install BitNode and get a daily reward for helping with learning the neural network

Plus the profit bonus for each trading task

    If you have installed BitNode, you will additionally get:
  • Daily bonus up to 0.2% per day for the trading task amount. A bonus is awarded if the installed BitNode is active.
  • Fixed daily remuneration in USD.

BitNode trains a neural network. The more participants / computers on the network, the more accurate the trainings forecasts, the higher the system profit.

Download BitNode

Earn on the referral program

Invite partners and get 7% of the trading tasks amount of invited partners of the first tier, 3% - the second and 1% - the third tier.

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I used 2 advanced bots for trading for almost a year, one of them was programmed for my tasks, but I can achieved more stable results only with Bitgainex. More than $2100.



I earn up to $1500 per month from trading tasks of 5-7 active refferals invited by me. According to my own statistics it's required to have more than 15 invited ones, half of which are usually inactive.



I started using Bitgainex in addition to the independent trading on the exchanges. I installed BitNode and the profit now is up to 1.4% per day. Reduced time spending near the computer from 9 to 6 hours.

See statistics
in real time

Get up-to-date information on income, trades and make sure in the full cryptocurrencies trading transparency


for 24 hours

for 7 days

Recent closed trades

Opening time Pair Amount Type Price Closing time Price Profit

6 key reasons to sign up
and start earning with Bitgainex right now

Exact predictions
of cryptocurrencies rates

Instant Bitgainex adaptation to a changing trend due to innovative development - distributed learning of a neural network on the learning-by-block algorithm basis.

Several times more
effective than trading bots

74% of correct decisions in crypto-trading due to Bitgainex learning ability. We have analyzed the trading results of 25 trading bots cost more than $ 500 each one. Bitgainex is several times more efficient than even the most advanced ones.

Trading experience
is not required

Bitgainex 24/7 buys and sells cryptocurrencies at the best rate itself. Human factors errors are reduced to zero.


Keep an eye on trading progress in real time. See the operations history on closed orders, cryptocurrency pairs, profits and losses, the compensation state fund.

trading security

4 funds protection degrees: compensation fund, insurance 700,000 pounds sterling, protection against failure, control by traders.

Referral program
and bonuses

$25 is the Sign-up bonus

up to 7% - of the trading task amount of the refferal

Sign up Bitgainex right now
and get $25 on the bonus account

Sign up and get $25

Get profit
from crypto-trading without funds losing risk
with a 4-level security system


Bitgainex security system
provides a profit withdrawal guarantee

and protection against software failure, which is possible in any system.

1. Insurance

More than 700,000 pounds sterling are in the bank account. This is insurance to cover the participants' losses.

2. Compensation fund

Fund deductions are made from each successful trade. The longer the system provides profit, the larger the compensation fund.

3. Software protection

The system has built-in software protection. If the rate's behavior is beyond the model, the trades are suspended until the model would be corrected or the operator allows the continuation.

4. Traders' control 24/7

All trading operations are subject to constant operators-traders' control who have the right to stop trading if there are suspicions of serious errors in the forecasts resulting in losses.

Start working with Bitgainex

What is the Bitgainex trading system
fundamentally better than exchanges and trading bots?

Decision-making on purchase/sale and loss risk
Time spending
% of the right
decisions making
Losses insurance
Protection against funds loss


Independent - many factors are not taken into account
High loss risk
High costsThe need for training, continuous trends self-analysis


Trading robot

Robot - does not consider trends changes The average losses risk
Low / Medium
The robot analyzes the trends in automatic or semi-automatic mode

From $20/month to $2000/month or purchase


System training ability - trends changes are taken into account
Low loss risk
LowFully automated system

Yes1. Compensation fund
2. Insurance amount is 700,000 pounds sterling on the bank's account
Yes1. Trading suspension
in the event of a training's is going beyond the model
2. Operations control by operators-traders
% of profit

Sign up Bitgainex right now
and get $25 on the bonus account

Sign up and get $25

Highly intelligent
Bitgainex system technology.
How does it work?

The cryptocurrency market is chock-full of trade robots, which are trying
to determine the forthcoming cryptocurrency growth or fall with
the technical analysis' help only.

But any unexpected news can't be predicted by robots. And the promised daily profit of 1-5-10% turns into huge losses at the cryptocurrency
collapse moment.


Important facts about Bitgainex

1. Serious scientific development. We invested more than 1,000,000 pounds in the intelligent automated Bitgainex system creation and thorough testing.

2. Bitgainex is a distributed computing platform-based for DisANN neural networks (distributed artificial neural network) training.

3. The neural network training is based on the learning-by-block algorithm. The system participants number daily increases. There is a bidding statistics from each participant's PC. The system is trained. Forecasts become even more accurate.

How does Artificial Intelligence Bitgainex help you earn money?

  • Forecasts accuracy. Bitgainex can adapt to a changing trend in contradistinction to conventional robots.
  • The erroneous decisions percentage is minimal since there is used the distributed learning system.
  • Several protection degrees against funds loss.
  • Bitgainex allows a STABLE trading while getting a profit for a long time, WITHOUT losses.

3 main Bitgainex elements

Due to them, the system trades in cryptocurrencies at the best rate


Divides the data into blocks and distributes the blocks by compute nodes.


These are the cluster participants who are training the network.
BitNode uses the member's computer power. The more nodes in the system, the more accurate the forecast it makes.


Forecasts the exchange rates movement and is responsible for making decisions on purchase or sell.

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